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The Lifesaver was developed in response to natural disasters such as 2004’s tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. The concept is relatively simple, based upon the fact that the smallest virus is 25 nanometers across, so by using a filter with holes 15 nanometers across, all nasties can be trapped without the need for chemicals. The term ‘nasties’ is actually quite an understatement. Lifesaver can filter out bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens. And in the real world, of course, the bottle was much harder to realize than we’ve described it. The bottle is the world’s first ultra filtration water bottle, and the inventor put all of his life savings into developing it. But it was this level of development effort that has brought about a product that is exceptionally easy to use. Fill it with water by unscrewing the base and dipping it in the nearest puddle or stream, screw the base back and use the pump to force the water through to a teat at the other end. The clean water can then be drunk directly or poured into a separate container for storage. These simple instructions make it suitable for use by children, and in developing countries. Lifesaver是一件概念新颖的便携式水过滤器,能将自然界的水净化到可饮用的级别。该水杯的原理是采用了纳米级滤芯,最小的病菌的直径为25纳米左右,而Lifesaver的滤芯则达到16纳米,因此能将细菌过滤出去。 Lifesaver是一件概念新颖的便携式水过滤器,能将自然界的水净化到可饮用的级别。该水杯的原理是采用了纳米级滤芯,最小的病菌的直径为25纳米左右,而Lifesaver的滤芯则达到16纳米,因此能将细菌过滤出去。 之所以说其新颖,还是于Lifesaver的使用非常简单和高效。只需将水瓶放到水中,打开底盖,将水瓶浸入水池或河流中,灌满水后,旋紧底盖。河水就依靠活塞的压力,通过滤芯,到达瓶口。一分钟内,就可以过滤750毫升的水。Lifesaver的滤芯可拆换,使用寿命为4000升,如果你每天饮水2升,可以用5年半。该设计曾在2007年士兵技术论坛中获得未来士兵系统装备的最佳技术奖。 The unit uses replaceable filters, which can treat about 4000 liters of water – five and a half years of usage if you drank 2 liters every day. The filter is speedy, too - 750ml of water can be prepared in just under a minute. And users can rest safe in the knowledge they’re getting maximum life out of the product without poisoning themselves, as the unit has a unique feature to shut itself off when the cartridge has expired.
这么好的玩意儿,要多少钱呢?英镑230元,这个价钱还真不是一般人能承受的。尽管这种技术,非常适合环境恶劣地区的发展中国家和受灾地区使用,然而不菲的价钱,还是使这项产品只能用于户外、装备等特殊场合。 Costing £230 ($460), the Lifesaver isn’t exactly cheap, but it is a world first, and we’re sure the price reflects the genuinely innovative R&D that went into its development. Not only was it featured at Well-tech, it won ‘Best Technological Development for Future Soldier System Enhancement’ at Soldier Technology 2007. It’s ironic that a design that can bring world peace can also support world conflict, but here’s hoping it’s used for the former rather than the latter.

循环利用废气的绿盒子Green box

click here to read the English Version 全球最有钱最聪明的专家们耗费数亿的资金,为减少汽车的尾气排放而挖空心思。来自英国北威尔士的研究小组却坚信他们能搞定这件事儿。 们发明了一种安装在汽车下面的盒子“Greenbox”,能吸收二氧化碳、一氧化氮等温室气体。经过这个盒子之后,汽车尾气基本以水蒸气为主。当汽车加油的时候,可以将装满气体的盒子取下,更换上空的。而装满气体的“Greenbox”,集中后送往加工处理厂,用于培养转基因藻类。这些藻类最终可被加工成生物燃料、甲烷燃料和肥料等。 据称,该系统在过去两年里,已经进行了超过130次的测试,尾气采集率高达85%95%。目前,研发团队在积极与各类厂商接触,以推广他们的技术。研发小组称,他们目前已经拿到了两个来自亚洲的高额意向订单,但并未透露买家的名字。他们还联系了日本的丰田汽车和美国的通用汽车,但这两家公司拒绝对这一消息发表评论。 这套系统的优势在于,它能最大限度地与现有系统相适应。但“Greenbox”终怎样获得大众的接受,如何在各地建立尾气加工处理厂,这些问题都是影响这一设想最终推广的关键因素


conceal towel shelf.隐藏式毛巾架

can you believe it??? it is floating!!!! 一个有意思的小设计。相信第一次见到这个毛巾架的人,都会奇怪这些毛巾怎么会飘在空中。。



有水喝,他就会立刻改观。请捐助世界卫生组织饮用水项目。 Provide him water, make him improve immediately. Please donate WHO drinking water projet. 世界卫生组织特殊媒体 Word Health Organization New Media 挑战:饮用水是否充足、是否卫生,都会显著影响儿童健康。但是亚非落后地区的饮水状况却没有得到人们的重视。世界卫生组织“饮用水项目”希望通过宣传,鼓励人们热心捐款。Challenge: A child's well-being is highly dependent on both the quality and the availability of water. But in Afro-Asian areas, the solution is not put enough attention. WHO's "drinking water project" is encouraging people to give out financial help to these areas. 策略:在北京各处举办宣传活动,并派发特出的玻璃杯。杯壁上印有一个消瘦的儿童形象,当杯中注满水后,通过水的折射,消瘦的儿童立刻“长胖了”。直观显示出“有水喝,他就会立刻改观”的主题,促使人们慷慨解囊。 Strategy: By doing campaign in Beijing and give out the glasses. Print a skinny child image on the glass, as the water filed the glass, by the effect of refraction, the skinny child began getting "fat" visually shows the theme of "Having water to drink, he will improve" therefore encourage people to donate money. 结果:人们开始关注健康饮用水问题。一天之内,北京各处宣传点累计筹款15.32万元。Results:People's attention were drawed to the drinking water issue and within one day, among all the campaign site all toegether donated RMB 153200.

Carlsberg "Beer Case" 人人都是大力士

Through a small investment in paper bags distributed in stores, they turned pedestrians into free outdoor advertisements of "Shumensko" beer. The optical illusion of people, carrying with ease a case of beer in one hand, entertains onlookers, as well as the actual bag-owners.
Advertising agency: Noble Graphics Creative Studio, Bulgaria
Creative Director: Marsel LeviArt Director: Georgi Kasabov
Photographer/Illustrator: Atanas Kanchev


Anemix: 3D效果的照明系统Anemix - 3D Effect Lighting System by Ximena Munoz & Paulina Villalobos

Created by two young Chilean architects and lighting designers, Ximena Munoz and Paulina Villalobos, the Anemix is a lighting system that creates unique 3D effects. Its a panel composed by a luminescent and a reflective layer, which can be modified to create a wide range of visual effects. It uses Osram LED technology to be the light source of this system, as its efficient, small and with a very low cost of maintenance. The glass-aluminum technology was developed by Glasstech, a specialized glazed Chilean company. 这个梦幻的照明系统主要是利用光的反射原理。由智利的两名年轻的建筑师和灯光设计师共同设计完成,这个照明系统包括了一个发光层和反射层,用高效率的白光LED技术制作这个系统的光源。然后采用玻璃和铝等材质,完成反射层的制作。

RCA summer show:铅笔饰品Pencil Jewellery by Gemma Holt

Says Gemma: “A series of jewellery made from pencils, then gold foiled stamped with my own hallmark design. They are hexagonal to represent the profile of the pencil.
There are currently bangles in various colours and finishes and a necklace. And then a series of Bic pens changed using rapid manufacturing (below).
RCA summer show(英国皇家艺术学院夏季毕业展)上的作品,Gemma Holt 的铅笔饰品

Emergency Money Box 紧急钱箱

Add coins at your own risk:
only by smashing the glass can they be retrieved.
As you watch your money literally build up, you will be torn between the desire to save more or cash in.
With money rapidly disappearing into plastic cards and online transactions, the physical presence of ‘In Case of Emergency’ money box will make you think more carefully before you decide to splash out.
What will be your moment of need?



建筑师对集装箱组合设计,探索出能广泛应用的集装箱建造体系:Container City。 这其实也是个环保的方案,可持续性设计,报废集装箱略加改造就能成为适宜居住的房子。 Container City已用于多种项目,例如教室,,办公空间,住宅单位和零售铺位等等。 从图片上看去,这些房子里面好象还很舒适~ 漂亮诶。。。。。。。